Volunteering Opportunities with the Kenley Revival Project

Our volunteering opportunities will be available at different stages throughout the lifetime of the project. To register your interest please complete our application form to  join our mailing list . For current volunteer opportunities, training and delivery; see our volunteer events calendar.

Our volunteering programme is linked to our Activity Plan, which defines the opportunities and scope for activities to engage with the key audiences as defined in the project. In order to manage this, we have grouped volunteer opportunities under the following headings that consist of their associated activities.

The roles are defined as below with the objectives defined but not limited to;


  • Devise Collection Handling workshops
  • Create Loans Boxes for schools
  • Develop resources for teachers and schools (Primary, Secondary and FE)


  • Undertake a community archaeology placement
  • Undertake wildlife and habitat conservation alongside heritage conservation
  • Provide reports and blog content for inclusion on Kenley Revival Project website

Archiving and Digitisation

  • Seek permissions and access to relevant media for inclusion on website
  • Manage the online archive including seeking permissions and cataloguing content
  • Digitise items for inclusion in the online archive and catalogue according to the documentation procedure as well as manage Kenley ‘amnesty’ events to collate items for the archive


  • Research and devise content for the Kenley Revival Project website
  • Seek permissions and access to relevant media for inclusion on website
  • Work with the Archiving and Digitisation volunteers to ensure the archive is kept up to date
  • Manage the Kenley Revival Project social media presence and liaise with news outlets to increase press coverage and awareness of project

Oral history

  • Identify members of the community for Oral History recording
  • Undertake filming and interviewing of Interviewees
  • Edit and select footage for the archive and documentary
  • Showcase the Oral History project at events


  • Organise and stage events such as the Heritage Day on 11th September
  • Devise and promote tours for different community groups including undertaking tours
  • Support and steward events


  • Research and devise content for the new permanent onsite interpretation
  • Research and devise content for the Touring Exhibition and assist with the transportation, installation and de-installation

These themes and objectives may be subject to change as the project naturally evolves during its project lifecycle, and we actively encourage volunteers to participate in more than one theme.

We will be publishing the opportunities for roles under their defined heading to give definition to prospective volunteers in the aim and scope of their role within the project. As the project is setup for three years, we anticipate advertising roles throughout the lifetime of the project.