25th May 2017 | Stories

Burying the new RAF Kenley tribute timecapsule

The time has come at Kenley Revival HQ to bury the new RAF Kenley tribute timecapsule. The original timecapsule is now safely stored with the project team as we couldn’t unfortunately salvage much from the original time capsule due to the condition of its contents.

However this gave us an opportunity to create a new timecapsule which not only captured the history of the original RAF Kenley tribute installation in 2000 but also to include contents regarding the project and its origins which have led us to this day where we have relocated the RAF Kenley tribute as part of our overall Conservation programme which are now underway.

So what did we put inside?

Upon discussion with the project partners and Mike Street, Chairman of the RAF Kenley tribute committee who crowd funded the RAF Kenley tribute build, installation and maintenance, we decided to encapsulate as many elements about its history and its relation to the overall programme which makes up the Kenley Revival Project.

We included these brochures which were created for the Air Days which were organised by Mike Street of which the proceeds from their sale were used to fund the RAF Kenley tribute. They demonstrate the long history of air displays at RAF Kenley which date back to the original empire days during World War II as a means of boosting the morale of the public.

We also included a variety of documentation in relation to the project and its stakeholders to show to those in the future the sheer scope of the project and the communities and individuals who came together to deliver it. We also included the original plaque from the original stonemasons who installed the RAF Kenley tribute, Rowland Brothers which also provides the date of when the RAF Kenley tribute was installed.

We also factored in what the future may hold in terms of technology and included a USB stick and DVD with Oral History footage and images of the project so that whoever opens it in the future they’ll be able to understand the significance of RAF Kenley during the Battle of Britain.

This photo show Amy, Learning & Volunteer Officer filling the time capsule which as we wanted to ensure its survival is made of marine grade steel and was welded together with a silicon layer! We also made sure every item was wrapped in archival grade polythene bags.

Once we filled the time capsule we were able to take it over to the team working on the RAF Kenley Tribute, Stonewest to prepare it for its burial within the base of the RAF Kenley tribute. This photo shows Mike Street, Chairman of the RAF Kenley tribute with the sealed timecapsule ready to go!

Want to find out about how we’re preserving RAF Kenley for future generations? See more about our conservation works or get in touch to find out more and how you can get involved.